Healthy yorkies food for healthier yorky dogs

The food is all good, dog lovers. But it’s only right for your breed if it’s been bought and prepared with careful consideration given to consummate and expert advice on proper pet nutrition. A conundrum may be about for those of you who have already been doing a fine job so far. If you have a spunky little Yorky in your yard, he is in generally good nick. It is said that Yorkies are usually quite a healthy breed. This exceptional characteristic could be under-appreciated at times, leading to well-meaning owners taking their eyes off of the ball on occasion.

yorkies food

While feeding your dog just right may be quite easy these days, because there is plenty of healthy yorkies food for healthy yorkie dogs to go around, motivating yourself to keep a good check on your dog’s good health might not be so easy. Do yourself and the little feller a huge favor this time around and make a fresh start today. Try making it a regular healthy habit to check out for symptoms of common health problems related to this breed. One of the most common problems, and a particularly serious one, as it turns out, is that of patellar luxation or slipped stifles.

This unpleasant playbook goes like this. Not just one issue, but three. The Yorkie’s calf bone, knee cap and thigh bone are not properly aligned. Detecting signs of this happening is quite easy. Just wait until you see your little pal starting to limp. Progressive Retinal Atrophy, or PRA, is another problem. This is a degenerative eye disorder. This could occur once your dog starts to get on in its dog years. What happens is this. The photoreceptors at the back of the eye deteriorate over time and could lead to blindness if not addressed by the pet owner and vet.

Abnormal blood flow to the liver can also occur. It is known as a portosystemic shunt or PSS. What happens is that the liver detoxifies the body and metabolizes its nutrients. You can notice symptoms of this disease too. Watch out for this when your pet starts to lose interest in its food and struggles to take a wee. Erratic behavior is also another symptom. Good nutrition and regular exercise can nip hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, in the bud. But if poor eating habits are prevalent, weakness and disillusionment could set in.

Watch out for a normally chirpy Yorkie’s sudden moody blues. Yorkies in general tend to utilize their energy quite quickly and their minimal eating portions do not always provide them with enough sugar content. This can happen when they are usually quite active. But it can also happen when they become stressed. But it need never be the case when you are already taking pretty darn good care of your little dog. Like taking it out for its regular walks and its annual visits to the vet.